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A Semi-Breed needs no new images, but may be different colors, have different behaviors, or both. It is basically a normal genome file with many modifications. Here I will post the Semi-Breeds I engineered.

All these are opened with Winzip, a compression utility.

The first section has new colors, and new behaviors. The second has a link to others' Semi-Breeds, and the column on the right has differently colored Norns.

Hephaestus Norns

The Hephaestus Norns are ny latest semi breed as of August 4, 2002. They like warmth, and they don't die easily. However, there is one way they can quickly die: if they don't get Ambrosia every once in a while. Without the sweet food, in a while their ATP drops, and if it drops enough, they will perish. So to ensure their survival, I've included my first agent: the Ambrosia Vendor!


Okapi Norns

The Okapi Norns are based on an African horselike animal. Their main aspect is that in Winter they migrate home to mate, then leave, and return home the next Winter.


Chimera Norns

The Chimera Norns are the antithesis of the nice, peaceful Norn. They breed like crazy, hit everything in sight, and are born almost fully-grown. They don't have much purpose, though, and since they're mostly made up of official CL breeds, they don't show up on some games correctly (including mine). So if anyone that has CL's breeds could send me a pic, I'd really be happy.

Sentinel Norns

These are the Sentinel Norns. They can't move from where you put them, and anything that walks too close gets a good hard slapping. They act as the ultimate guards, hardly moving, hardly speaking, nearly never eating. They just guard. Use them wisely.


Bear Grendels

The Bear Grendels are the result of the lack of Grendels. They hibernate in the cold, protect their young, and more. To have these awesome creatures, you simply click the above.


Phoenix Norns

The Phoenix Norns are my answer to Fast Agers. The females die as soon as they lay an egg, and the males live and spread the gene. If FA's are like the cancer of the Creatures community, Phoenix is the radiation therapy. They, like the Flowers, change colour with each lifestage.


Flower Norns

The Flower Norns are a new semi-breed that acts like a plant. They gain energies from being in the sun. Be sure to check out their neat colouring too!


Imp Norns

The Imps are an extremely shy breed, in fact they gain energies just from running from stuff! To ensure their safety, I've engineered them so they are almost always scared. And from hiding in the dark, they seem to have developed a blackish colour...


Lung Norns

The Lung Norns are based on traditional chinese dragons, and are peaceful, long-lived creatures. They live twice as long as normal Norns, and will almost never hit others.



I have no idea when, or even why, I made these. Since I'm too busy to actually check, I'll just leave them here. Since I don't know what they're for, import at your own risk!


Pack of Oddly Colored Chi Norns

This pack needs to be injected, instead of being imported. You can do this either with the official Gene Editor from Cyberlife, or with the free Genome Injector by Chris Double. Link is below.

Creatures Developer Resource

As of now, the best list of Semi-Breeds is at EttiNet, link is below.

Here it is.