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Turtle1337's Pokecreatures!


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Here's where I keep ideas for Creatures stuff and future projects of mine. On the left are my future projects, and on the right are ideas ripe for the picking. If you want to use one, go ahead! They're things I'd like to see made, and so you don't even to ask or even give me credit for the idea. But if its on the left, stay away from making it please.


Future Project - Gargoyle Norns
These I will start making as soon as someone makes the corresponding agent. They'll constantly produce a secret chemical, and the agent checks every day and freezes or unfreezes all Norns that have the chemical present. They'll be dark grey (obviously), and have lots of other alterations.


Idea / Help me out - Gargoyle Agent
I'm going to make the Gargoyle Norns, but they need an agent to go with them. If any agenteers are reading this, can ya help me? It should check all creatures for a certain chemical in the "morning" and at "dusk", and freeze them and unfreeze them accordingly, but if the chemical is not present, it should add some fear at dusk and lower fear in the morning. If you're up to the challenge, drop me a line; my email's on the main page.

Idea - Asteroid Metaroom
DS needs more rooms, and I have just the thing: an asteroid! I've drawn some concept art in the "Other" album at my Webshots,
It doesn't have to look like that, but it would be nice if it did. Anyone up to the challenge?