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Old Newspapers

April 21, 2002
I got bored with no one liking The Lab, so I cleaned it out and put in its place a gene tutorial. If you need help on editing genes, its right here in The Lab.
Apull Sistenth, 2002
New genome released! The evil superbreeders called Chimera are on display in the et Shop! So get to downloading them, if you can handle them..

April 13, 2002
Revamp! Not totally redone, same style, but there aree some drastic changes in a few pages. Mainly its just new names, in the old Norncity style.
Creatures Info is now Info Booth
Semi-Breeds is now Pet Shop
Pokemon Info is now Silph Co.
Pictures is now the Gallery
and Links is now Highway 465
Sadly, I have gotten rid of the breed list and Mutants. There's an equally good breed list nearly everywhere, so its just wasting space here. And half my mutations have been made into a semi-breed, so they're pointless. In their places, there are three new pages: The Lab, the Arcade, and The Dump. The Lab is for whatever science kick I'm currently on. The Arcade is for games, music, and such. And The Dump is where I'll keep everything else. Old news goes there, funny stuff I've heard goes there, and anything I can think of can go there. And finally, I fixed my email address. So yay! Revamp!

March 25, 2002
Another new genome uploaded! This time its the sentinels, grey guards that stand in one place and hit anything that tries to pass. That's about all they do, but they're a cool, organic alternative to C3's Sludge Gun and similar agents.

Feb. 23, 2002
Today a great hurrah was heard across the Creatures Community! Okay, maybe not, but they're still pretty cool. What, you say? Why the Bear Grendels, of course! They hibernate in the cold, hit anything in their path whan angry or bored, hunt Norns, and best of all, protect their young! Get to downloading them in the Semi-Breeds Section!
Oh yeah, V1.2 of the Phoenix Norns uploaded. Now you won't get that nasty problem of ending up with an all-male world!

Feb 8, 2002
In my free time, I've been working on a not-so-secret project, one to rid the Creatures community of Fast Agers forever! Unfortunately, I didn't accomplish it yet, but with your help I just might! New, and up for download for the first time: the Phoenix Norns!

Jan. 5, 2002
Haven't updated in a while, sorry. The holiday season can be really hectic. Anyway, I finally finished my latest project: The Lung Norns! Based on Chinese Dragons, this semi-breed never gets angry, and lives twice as long as a normal norn! For more information, check the Semi-Breed page to download them!

Nov. 26, 2001
The 200,000th Creature competition is over. According to the records, number 200,000 was Atari, a female Norn hatched by SpixSnow. Turtle147808021 (aka Me), unfortunately, sent both #199,999 and #200,001, but missed out on the crucial number. XD

Nov. 16th
The place - Docking Station, the free semi-Creatures3. The reason? The 200,000th creature contest! The countdown has begun, the countdown that begins with Norn #100,001 and ends with the fateful #200,000. The winner of the contest recieves their choice of a product from Creature Labs Mall. When the count reaches the high 199,000s, I will be releasing loads of my new breed-in-development, in hopes I'll send #200,000. Good luck to all of you trying also!

Oct. 14, 2001
Site Launched! After waiting & waiting, I finally have some webspace!

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