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Turtle1337's Pokecreatures!


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Battle Logs

My first win on NB

PineconE vs. FISSURE

Me vs. HotShake

Me vs MamasumeXGP

Me vs SilverCharizard

Me vs ShadowStriker

Me vs. Nick

Underused Team vs. JFPouliot

Me vs Lil Ida


Me vs Styles P Gym Leader

Me vs Styles P Gym Leader (2)


My Teams

Anime Team

Azurian All-Stars

All Around Good Team

Gunpowder Team

Underused Team

Battling is what Pokemon's all about. (Well, besides "catching 'em all") It's the reason I got into it in the first place. Well, I downloaded mirc so I could battle on GSBot (an online Pokemon battle thing), but you have to register it, and being broke kind of limits that. So I just rated teams and proposed my own, only battling the stupid AI in the game. Now that's over. With NetBattle, a free online battle program, I can finally battle real people. And, as I have like 35Mb free on my site, I'll put links to text battle logs. I'll usually post my own, but if you want you can send me one of your own, and I can post it too. - Home of NetBattle

Oh, yeah. I have lots of identities on NB. Chrisodeo, Pinecone, Tetsuo, and Dark_Herakurosu are a few of my most used ones.