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Welcome! I am Garrli, the guardian and narrator of this page.

This site mainly deals with the computer games Creatures 3 and Docking Station, and may not be the best place to go if you're looking for object and such to help your Norns. Either you got here by mistake, or you came here looking for what Master likes best, torturing Norns. There are some anti-ettin things, and some anti-all things, but almost never any anti-Grendel things. Why? Because Chrisodeo the Master says we're too low to understand pain. So, onward!

Aug 25, 2002
Another aghent uploaded! The Habanero Vendor is here, to make your Norns boil!
Wow, this site's moving fast. Good thing Master's going to work on his old site for a while, so I can take a break.

Aug 21, 2002
Two updates. On the Creature Packs page you have the new (and exmly evil) Draig Norns. And on the Agents page you have the, or should I say The Void. Check both of the out!

Aug 16, 2002
The site was created. Now we can show the Norns and their allies, the Ettins, what real pain ig! *is beaten* "Garrli, NO MORE MISTAKES!" Master is angry with me. I must hush now.