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The Danger Room


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About Us

On this page we will describe our places, backgrounds, and reason for being here. It may become quite long.


I am Garrli. I was the first Grendel born into Master's captivity, and due to luck, am much more intelligent than other Grens. These are wghy I speak better than the others. Because I speak better, I have become the official "greeter" of the site.


I Krylkan. Krylkan no talk well, but not smart either. Have minor taskss like repeating greetingss and sweeping florsss. Krylkan not know how got here. One day Krylkan eating Volcano berrysss. Next day Krylkan talk and put in cage. Krylkan crowded.


I am Zarfing. I am ze Master's laetest und best creation. I am much smarter zan the others, see? I can outsmart any creature I choose. Ze problem is if zey find me, I vill haf no say in what zey do, for I have poor physical strangth. I direct ze Gallery. I vanted to get nearer to ze Master's oter creations thruogh ze Gene section, but I zas overpowered by ze stupid oaf Krylkan.


I'm Nick. Just Nick. I live life by Thoreau's philosophy. Simplify, simplify, simplify. I direct the Projects page.


I am Argard sir! I was recruited into Chrisodeo's Grendel's Army at the age of just 1 hour, and quickly rose up the ranks. I have slaughtered many a Norn and Ettin in my day, and eventually became the Director of Training at all our facilities! I also direct the Agents page, and test out our newest weapons against the evil Norns sir!