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Turtle1337's Pokecreatures!
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Welcome! I am Turtle and this is my site. It's mainly about the Creatures games for PC, but there are a few pages for the Nintendo game Pokemon, and my drawings. Feel free to look around!

- Turtle1337

What's New

August 4, 2002
Not many updates lately, but I had a big new project going on. But first, I changed back the page labels. Nobody seemed to like them. Finally, I'm releasing a new semi-breed! The peaceful Hephaestus Norns are up for download, along with their new Vendor! These Norns need the vendor's sweet Ambrosia to survive! They're first in a series of mythology-themed Norns!

June 7, 2002
Updates! First off, a much-needed visual update to the Art Gallery. Now the page isn't all stretched out like is was. I didn't like the Arcade, so I changed it into a Projects section. Changed the pic on the main page, and -get this- added a whole new section! That's right, I now have a Pokemon battle log page, where I can post how some of my better battles went! Also, updated the Highway, so all the links are current, and added a Secret Section. See if you can find it!

May 22, 2002
I just released my newest genome! The Okapi Norns! Based on an African relative of horses, they go home in winter, go into their mating season, and leave when their mating season's over.


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You can always find old news down in The Dump!

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